Leading airline Virgin Atlantic considers emotional health warnings for weepy, in-flight movies.

Virgin Atlantic has begun adding emotional content warnings to its in-flight movies to ensure people are not caught off-guard by weepy flicks.

The labels have been added to a number of hit Hollywood films, including Toy Story 3.

According to the airline, recent research has shown that people are more emotionally charged when taking flights to Goa or elsewhere and so emotional health warnings are appropriate.

Virgin Atlantic conducted a survey among people who have befriended the company on Facebook and found that 41 per cent of men had to avoid shedding tears in public by hiding under an on-flight blanket.

More than half of those surveyed said that they had been emotionally on edge while flying.

Virgin Atlantic’s film critic Jason Solomons said: “We throw our inner emotions at the screen and, like a mirror; it reflects them back, almost mercilessly.”

Other films on the tear-jerker list were Brokeback Mountain, Eat Pray Love and Billy Elliott.

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Written by Ruth Norris

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