The British Embassy has published a ‘Don’t Do’ list.

 Those travelling on cheap flights to Dubai have been given advice on how to observe local customs and stay out of trouble with the authorities.

The British Embassy in the country has published a ‘Don’t Do’ list designed to give holidaymakers to the emirate an idea of how to behave while there.

Included in the list are issues such as drinking alcohol, which is only permitted in licensed premises, while relationships outside of marriage are illegal.

Other advice offered is that holding hands and kissing in public are strictly forbidden, while dancing is seen as indecent and provocative.

A Foreign Office spokesman told the Sun that the aim of the list is to give those taking cheap flights to Dubai an idea of what sort of behaviour is acceptable.

“It is common-sense advice intended to keep Britons out of trouble,” the representative said.

Those who do abide by the rules can look forward to an “extravagant holiday”, model Nell McAndrew recently told the Daily Mail.

Written by Ruth Norris

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