Year-round dazzling beaches, outstanding sand dunes, exhilarating outdoors, and vibrant cosmopolitan character lure millions of Britons to book flights to Abu Dhabi. The city has been a hot favourite for holidaymakers planning holidays to UAE.

Abu Dhabi, the astonishing emirate and the capital of UAE stuns everyone who travels to this beautiful land. Its myriad dazzling malls, soaring towers of wonderful shapes and structures, artificial islands, expansive desert, beaches and lakes are worth exploring. Read on to uncover the top draws that lure tourists to plan holidays to Abu Dhabi and rush to book cheap air tickets and hotels well in advance.

The Corniche

The Corniche is a 6.4 km extended beach front road. The luxuriant lush gardens along the inshore avenue are beautifully lined all along the Corniche. The well-ordered fountains summate the picturesque ness of this sea front. With ultramodern hotels such as Corniche hotel, Emirates Palace and the Sheraton Abu Dhabi, Corniche has become the most popular and most flocked land site in Abu Dhabi.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Mirroring the spirit of Islam, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque welcomes visitors from all over the globe and makes them dig for airlines offering cheap flights to Abu Dhabi. The words like ‘vast’, ‘tremendous’, ‘monolithic’, etc actually downplay the ethereal beauty of this marvel. Extended up to 22,412 square metres, this landmark is a blend of traditional Islamic patterns and ultramodern architectural proficiencies.

Heritage Village

The Heritage Village is located in the heart of Abu Dhabi. This place truly reflects the lifestyle and customs of rich Bedouin culture. The exhibition magnifies the lifestyle of the people before the oil era, old irrigation ways, workplaces of crafters and a museum of mud-clay home. Moreover, the visitors can taste the mouth-watering Bedouin meal and see exhibits of horsemanship and camel riding.

Emirates Palace

The majestic Emirates Palace is a federal landmark and the most luxurious hotel ever built. Emirates Palace proffers a range of epicurean services and amenities such as two landscaped outdoor pools, two fitness centres, four tennis courts, playgrounds, water sports, and the Anantara Spa that suit the need of both corporate as well as leisure tourists who book flights to Abu Dhabi.

Khalifa Park

Cheap flights to Abu Dhabi also remain high in demand due to Khalifa Park – the most tranquil place of the emirate which was gifted to the people of Abu Dhabi. It is a perfect place to loosen up amidst calm environs. This park features some of the most beautiful landscapes, Grand Avenue, central plaza, a time tunnel ride, a maritime museum, an Amphiteatre, party hall, theme park and gardens that are worth exploring. The park even has its own train and makes holidays to Abu Dhabi all the more delightful.

Yas Marina Circuit

The Abu Dhabi Yas Marina Circuit is a favourite terminus for all the Formula One racers which undoubtedly makes it a rage for all sports enthusiast, particularly formula one aficionados taking flights to Abu Dhabi. The place hosts a year-round programme of live events, international A-list concerts, footloose parties and other thrilling activities during the Yas Island Show on weekends. The circuit stays open for karting, drag racing nights, track days and driving experiences with a stunning range of racing cars.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

The travellers taking flights to Abu Dhabi rarely miss a chance to visit the biggest theme park of the city – the Ferrari World. This park truly offers an awe-inspiring experience to the visitors of all the age groups. The park features more than 20 unique rides ranging from the speed exalt rides to the world’s most hi-tech simulators and other family-favourable attractions. Moreover, the extensive variety of Italian eateries, unusual shopping experiences and other entertainment activities make this place a must-visit.

Al Maqtaa Fort

Al Maqtaa Fort is a 200-year old fort that can be checked out while passing the Al Maqtaa Bridge linking Abu Dhabi Island and the mainland. In the past, the fort served as a watch house against the offensive bandits. The fort has been painstakingly restored to now serve as a living testament of the rich emirate heritage narrating the glorious past of Abu Dhabi. A tourism information centre at the fort has also been set up for assisting visitors.

Al-Hosn Palace (White Fort)

Built in 1793, Al Hosn Palace is the most antique building in Abu Dhabi and is located in the centre of the emirate on Sheikh Zayed First Street. Although not open for public, visitors can take pictures from around the beautiful surroundings of the palace – the work of art on the entry gate is simply magnificent. A cultural foundation centre in the area hosts numerous events on arts, music, films and other domains. The palace also features a museum that exhibits cultural and historical exposures and references.

Women’s Craft Centre

One of the incredible places to visit in Abu Dhabi is the Women’s Craft Centre which displays the most significant handiworks and artefacts made by the women of Abu Dhabi. Perfect for souvenir shopping, travellers can buy interesting items here such as camel skin bags, ethnic attires and other conventional craft items at economical charges. Visitors to the centre must note that taking pictures within the premises is not allowed unless one has an official permit to do so.

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