From Italian delicacies to classy Middle Eastern dishes to the spicy Indian curries, the Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport has all sorts of dining options for you. Some of the airport’s most exclusive dining joints are located at the terminal, and if you are wondering where to eat during your stopover, let us help you out by suggesting a few popular picks.

Cho Gao
Have a fascination for Asian food? Cho Gao restaurant is your place to dine at. Offering a wide variety of Indonesian, Thai, and Vietnamese dishes, the restaurant has something for every palate. The interiors are elegant, i.e., not too gaudy yet very eye-catching. While the dishes are certainly delicious, the extensive selection of drinks at the Cho Gao is equally remarkable. The service is efficient and is likely to impress you.

Giraffe is another popular restaurant at the Dubai International Airport. You can easily locate the eatery as it stands out with its giant mascot giraffes and cool blue booths. Like the look of the place, the menu is refreshing too. From appetizers to breakfast cocktails and all day brunches, the options are aplenty. There is a special menu for kids, which includes some lovely dishes.

Wafi Gourmet Restaurant
Serving Lebanese, Arabian, and other popular Middle Eastern dishes, Wafi Gourmet Restaurant is a perfect choice for anyone who is looking for a filling and palate-satiating meal. The décor might seem a bit dull to some but the food more than makes up for it. One of the all-time favourite dishes here is the Shish Touwk. If you are confused about what to order, you cannot go wrong with this one. Besides the great food, the restaurant offers an amazing view of the surroundings.

Jack’s Bar & Grill
Jack’s Bar & Grill is the official restaurant of the world famous whiskey brand Jack Daniel’s. If that does not excite you, do not worry. The food, the décor, and the vibe are sure to impress you. The interior is stylish and has a touch of sophistication. Cosy sofas facing the bar, exclusive leather chairs with special jack’s tissue, and charming ambience with eye-soothing décor – you will find the interiors quite tasteful. The menu includes specialities that are truly worth an epicurean’s time and money.

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