Cheap deals on flights tickets to jaunt fascinating metropolis of Dubai in UAE remain a perennial hit. However, taking time off to consider some significant tips before commencing the tour is as essential as the time and efforts invested on planning and grabbing those tickets.

Essential Tips To Ensure Safe Travel in Dubai

Essential Tips to Ensure Safe Travel in Dubai

Dubai is a modern day Shangri-la spilt over with opulence and out of the ordinary creations. Making tickets reservations for flights to this enchanting city in UAE is all about witnessing the finest epitomes of superlatives like the tallest, largest and longest. Dubai is capable of winning the hearts of even the most blasé globetrotters. However, it is located in UAE where proper decorum is required to be followed. Here is a rundown to fistful of tips that must be heeded when buying all those cheap travel tickets and flights deals.

Dress Modestly

Dubai is one of the most modern metropolises one can imagine; however at the same time the city cannot be imagined without the conservative air that emanates from all around the city. Both men and women are advised to dress appropriately in order to show respect towards the custom and traditions of the denizens. Women should avoid wearing revealing clothes including, short skirts, exposing tops and bottoms. They should confine these skimpy clothes and bikinis to private beaches resorts. It is the heritage and tradition of the country that compels one to buy cheap flights tickets in the first place so no tourist want to be caught on wrong foot when it comes to etiquettes and mannerism!

Avoid Public Displays of Affection

Every vacationer contemplating flights tickets to visit Dubai must be aware of basic customs that UAE observes prohibition of public displays of affection. Violation of this can also result in criminal charges. Remaining respectful and decent in the city is a second to none way to make the most of your money spent on vacations packages and tickets for flights landing in UAE.

Avoid Alcohol Consumption Publically

Like any other Muslim destination, Dubai follows certain restrictions when it comes to alcohol consumption. Although, it is a reasonably liberal city, one can purchase alcoholic drinks only from particular places like Duty Free Shop at the airport. And many luxury hotels feature svelte bars and serve array of drinks. However, consuming alcohol on streets is strictly prohibited and breaches may even lead to jail. Alcohol is not served on public holidays such as Ramadan.

Buy Travel Insurance

Buy an insurance to ensure protection from huge health expenses while travelling. It is generally easy to get medications from pharmacies in Dubai, UAE, but if you land up at hospital, the treatments may cost the earth. It is advisable to get a good comprehensive insurance deal before bookings for flights and hotel.

Be Careful when Taking Pictures

In UAE, taking pictures of people and places without asking for permission is considered as rude and disrespectful. Always be careful while clicking photographs unless you are in a touristy area where picture taking is expressly permitted.

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