Brits could be flying to Sydney in a matter of hours on new hypersonic flights under development.

Brits could one day be travelling on hypersonic flights to Sydney ending the current 24-hour journey time.

New super-fast planes, even faster than the concord, are currently being trialled in Australia’s remote outback, reported the Daily Mail.

If the news planes come into production, they could, for example, take Brits from London to New York in just under an hour.

The planes are being developed by Australian defence scientists and the US air force.

It could be as soon as 40 years for commercial flights to be in operation, radically changing the way people around the world travel.

Greg Combet, the Australian defence personnel minister, told the newspaper: “Hypersonic flight has the potential to revolutionise global air travel and provide cost-effective access to space.”

The planes would use conventional jet engines to launch it from the runway. Once in the air a pair of rocket engines would be activated followed by another set of engines known as ramjets.

Flights to and from Australia and New Zealand were recently resumed after the Chilean ash cloud grounded planes.
Written by Anthony Nicholson

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