The Ashes is travelling to Australia and so is the collective interest of game lovers. Tons of Britons are expected to book tickets and board Australia flights. Surely, along with cricket, people can also enjoy sightseeing at all five venues of the matches.


An ash, between England and Australia, is perhaps one cricket series that surpasses all other in terms of popularity. No other, with the exception of maybe India-Pakistan rivalry, comes even close. The year 2013 has been special for the Ashes fans as two chapters of the oldest cricketing rivalry are being played out back-to-back – each in the two participating countries. While the first segment of 2013 contest is already over and much to the delight of UK cricket fans, England has emerged superior thrashing Australia 3-0, the focus now has shifted to the next instalment of series. It would be more precise to refer to the upcoming series in Australia as Ashes 2013-2014 as it starts in November but extends to the first month of the New Year.

A sea of Britons is expected to be there at Australia. Most have already booked their air tickets while some are waiting for the affordable last-minute flights to make the kill. Whatever maybe the case, the fact is that a large number of Britons will be found on flights that land in Brisbane as it is the venue of the first match of the series. Brisbane is beautiful venue that’s known most for its scenic vistas and art galleries. People would surely love to start their Ashes’ journey from here.

Why not undertake an Australian right now and discover the major tourist attractions of cities that are going to host test matches in the upcoming series! It sure will prove helpful to tourists who have more than just bat and ball on their minds while booking flights tickets to Australia.

Brisbane: Queensland’s capital Brisbane is beautiful city that is often termed ‘laid-back’. Sports lovers who are investing on flights tickets wouldn’t mind unravelling the many charms that dot this cosmopolitan city that boasts of year-round warm temperatures and an incredible cultural lineage. Sightseeing in Brisbane is pretty elaborate, with the Parliament House, Botanical Gardens, Queensland Cultural Centre, Queensland Maritime Museum, The South Bank Wildlife Sanctuary and Lone Park Koala Sanctuary being some of the popular attractions.

Adelaide: From Brisbane action moves to Adelaide. Make use of the advance booked flights tickets and land in Adelaide, a city that appeals exceedingly to nature lovers, owing to its white-sand beaches and the scenic Adelaide Hills. It is also the place to enjoy a few of Australia’s finest cultural events. The Adelaide Botanical Gardens, Adelaide’s Zoo, Art Gallery of South Australia, National Railway Museum and National Wine Centre of Australia are few tourist pleasers in the metropolis. Some of the above-mentioned require entry tickets for visiting.

Perth: Board flights from Adelaide to land at the Perth airport! Cricket and Ashes takes the backseat for many who know how to have a good time. Perth is the sunniest city in the country, and for the majority of the year, people in this part of world enjoy sunbathing, sailing and beach frolics. It boasts an imposing skyline and is right up there with the country’s best when it comes to modern marvels. Kings Park, Perth Cultural Centre, Small World Museum and Perth Mint are the obvious charmers of the city. Perth Zoo is popular with families and the cost of entry tickets hardly plays a deterrent.

Melbourne: For the Boxing Day test, action moves to Melbourne and so do the spectators. Disembark flights and get ready to be regaled with a city that’s perhaps the most liveable on the planet. Many believe Melbourne showcases the best of Australia. And with a repertoire that includes Victorian-era architecture, gardens, beautiful boulevards and multicultural coexistence, it is hard to argue the claim.

Sydney: For the last match of the series and first of the New Year, players and spectators will be boarding flights to Sydney, Australia’s largest and oldest city. Sydney is an unbelievable place, with soaring buildings, remarkable beaches, iconic architecture, great culture and incredible food. Bondi Beach, Royal Botanic Gardens, Darling Harbour, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House and The Rocks are some of the world-renowned attractions that have come to describe sightseeing in Australia.  Make sure you have entry tickets to Taronga Zoo as well.

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