Indian Formula 1 Grand Prix 2013 promises to offer a great motor sporting weekend in October as top drivers will be burning the rubber during the event. Tourists would sure be in a lookout for tickets on flights for this event in the nation.

Formula 1 India F1 Returns in October 2013

Formula 1 India: F1 Returns in October 2013

2013 Formula 1 Grand Prix of India is all geared up to make its way to the hearts of the people! Motor racing fanatics, Bollywood stars and the international glitterati, all are getting ready to be a part of a sporting extravaganza that has created history of sorts on its previous two avatars!

Emergence of Formula 1 in India

India has always been a green pasture for sports lovers. The nation is a name to reckon with when it comes to field hockey and cricket. While the former is the national game of the country, the latter is undoubtedly the biggest sporting phenomenon to have hit India over last few decades. The country organizes a very successful T20 cricket tournament every year that again manages to push up tickets’ enquiries on flights to the nation. However, there is little to deny in the fact that off late it is the Formula 1 Grand Prix that has captured the fancies of the denizens here. The burgeoning economy, global influences, demand for better entertainment avenues and various other factors have led to the rise of the F1 in India. And if astounding popularity of the first two races is anything to go by then rest assured Indians have found the fad they have been waiting for!

F1 Grand Prix 2013Formula 1 India Delhi F1 Returns in October 2013

This year’s Formula 1 India is all set to be bigger and better! The races are scheduled to take place in October 2013 on 25th, 26th and 27th. Surely, there is still some time to go but the excitement that’s building up in India is palpable. The anticipation of once again having the privilege of hearing to the master symphony of growling engines, burning rubber and racing cars is already casting bouts of ecstatic euphoria to the young of this country! While locals from all parts of the country would be securing tickets on flights that lead them to Delhi in October, foreigners too are hungrily looking at cheap deals that have anything to do with airline tickets and flights to the Indian capital! Britons, in particular, will be keen to follow the exploits of their very own Lewis Hamilton, after making sure they have their hands around tickets for India bound flights. Lewis Hamilton, on his part, would be looking to provide some excitement to the people in India where, incidentally, he is a very popular figure.

Venue of the race would be the Buddh International Circuit in the region of Greater Noida, located some 40 kilometres away from New Delhi. The track’s vicinity to the country’s premier gateway ensures that foreign tourists are not bothered much in an effort to make to the race circuit after disembarking from their flights to the city.

Beyond the tracks!

Let’s face it, there won’t be many souls who book airline tickets to this ancient country, catch the Formula 1 action and take their flights back home without wanting to explore other facets of enigmatic India. Be it shopping, nightlife or sightseeing, there is much to unravel in this part of the world. To disperse the apprehensions regarding India’s ‘very hot weather,’ let it be known that October is a cooler period with balmy weather even during the day time. Even better is the news that the new expressway from Greater Noida to Agra has been opened and it would take tourists only an hour and a half to visit Agra and see the Taj Mahal, still the single biggest trigger for tourists to block tickets on flights arriving in India!


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